Conferences program

We propose conferences in companies, or in professional associations, which are one of the convivial ways  to step back from daily jobs and open new perspectives.

Conferences can be also turned to workshops on request.

As an example, AchievUp is making conferences for the The Project Management Institute and for other organizations as well.

PMI Rennes: 11/06/2015 ; PMI La Défense: 23/06/2015PMI Paris La Défense: 8/12/2015“KISS Your Management”, PMI Lille: 5/02/2016PMI Saint Quentin en Yvelines: 18/02/2016National PMI Forum 2016 Marseille: 14-15/03/2016; PMI Paris La Défense: 17/03/2016BioTechno 2016 Paris : 9/06/16; 

Belgium Antwerp PM Fair : 09/10/16; Federation NLPNL : 28/01/17;  PMI Paris la Défense: 21/02/17;  Club de l’IRIS 05/04/17

1. "Transform your project into a collective adventure"

According to studies, nearly 70% of projects or transformation program fail with regard to the initial objectives (scope, time, cost…). The analysis of root causes outlines leadership related issues: sponsorship, project management, communication, vision alignment …More and more companies have become aware how crucial engagement is and how engagement is correlated with success in organizations. This factor is even more critical in projects or programs, which trigger changes.

Here is a great opportunity for the project manager to impulse a collective dynamic leading the team and the organization to move forward together even further.

The purpose of the conference is to share an integrated leadership approach built out of many years of experience in projects. The principle is to consider uniqueness of each individual person leading to specific ways to contribute from his values in a team and in an organization. Then, combined with external leadership ways, this leadership brings higher engagement and more fun!

On the agenda: After a brief introduction of the keys, two examples of projects within international organizations will be shared to illustrate the keys, and relate to your own project. Then, you will have the opportunity to identity your main individual values to finally experience their impacts in a project team.

Look at the short video extract from PMI (Project Management Institute)  La Défense on the 23rd June 2015 in about 80 project managers (in French).

2. "How the flow state of athletes can inspire us in our daily job?"

High level athletes experience a special state in their success, where they feel extreme fluidity and have optimum concentration. This state is called “flow”. How can we reproduce flow conditions in our daily jobs, in team work and in projects?

On the agenda, we will first discover characteristics and conditions of the flow state;  then from psychology we will move to the business area, so that everyone can find its own triggers to reach the flow state as often as possible, for higher performance and great experience. For more details, please look here to see the related post on the blog.

Note : This conference was produced at National Forum PMI in March 2016 and was ranked as one of the best conferences of the forum : here the article in French


3. "Become a projet manager business entrepreneur!"

Several studies predict that in 20 years there will be more independent workers than employees. More and more often we can see on job profile ‘entrepreneurship’ spirit. Moreover, with web development there is an acceleration of ways making business.

The purpose of the conference is to provide project managers ways to contribute to higher level in their organization by inserting entrepreneurship skills to develop the business. How can you thus integrate and combine both traditional, agile, start-up behaviours within your project, focusing on business impact in all its dimension –financial, operational, learning, growing and contributing.

On the agenda: After making bridges between project management and entrepreneurship finalities, we will describe some key tools, techniques, ways of thinking used by entrepreneurs that can help project managers to increase their impact in their day to day job.

We will deepen how to:

–  Develop your own ‘project full cycle business model’ focused on benefits,

–  Integrate the build-measure-learn continuous improvement loop within your project,-  Activate your emotional system consistency for steering and dealing with all types of situations,

–  Secure with agility legal and normative dimensions.

–  Build your six intrapreneurship dimensions: strategy with vision, organisation with relation, action with evolution.

For more details, you can have a look at the related post here.

4- “Leverage your project as driver for making your company extraordinary!"

Extraordinary organizations have a large impact on our “collective unconscious”. From all times, most people dream about working for inspiring organizations such as today Apple, Google, Zappos, or later building the Eiffel Tower.The great news is that you have the opportunity and ownership to contribute to drive a part of your organization or your complete organization towards a higher organisation management and leadership level.Studying the different organization, there appears to be three maturity organisation levels: Top-down, Top-down and bottom-up, et ‘Cellular’. These include: Holacracy, ‘Teal’ organizations, “liberated organization”, inspiring organisations, extraordinary companies.Their evolutional key factors can be analysed, modelled and somewhat relevantly applied. The interesting fact is that projects and a great opportunity for implementing and rolling out these types of new evolutional key factors.In this conference, we will successively:

–     Share well chosen extraordinary and inspiring companies management cultural features,

–     Develop management and organizational keys from today best references,

–     Propose ways to integrate and experience in a project management as new ways to operate,

–     See how to impact and inspire functional management and global organization from project management innovation

5- “Professional and personal lives: from work life balance to mutual enrichment”

It is very common to hear about « work life balance » as if we were split between professional and personal lifes or even a different person.But is this realistic, especially in jobs like project management which implies passion, flexibility, engagement, creativity and very often business trips?And what if your professional life was the opportunity to live in your daily life your personal passions, to become more and more the partner or parent or friend you want to be?

Here is the proposed way to explore: leave the dichotomous world and conventional social believes, propose keys to build bridges between both lives and find playing fields both in the job and with your relatives to everyone’s benefit.
Look at the slideshare from PMI La Defense on the 17/03/16 (French).

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