3 audacious keys to develop entrepreneurship spirit in a corporate job


3 keys to develop entrepreneurship spirit in a corporate job

It is more and more frequent to see in job vacancies “entrepreneurship spirit” requested.

Why ? these so-called “intrapreneurs” are much more engaged and proactive. This mindset thus generates vitality in leadership and results inside organizations.

How to develop it ? Here are 3 keys:

1. Think and behave as if you would be a company owner, running your scope of responsibilities like your own small company. Many CEOs quote this all throughout their curriculum.

2. Find and live your own leadership style, your intrinsic leadership to inspire others as your way to lead them. This is not a conventional leadership framework but a real inspirational true and unique leadership approach.

3. Learn and develop continuously, by meeting new people, reading, experiencing new ways… whether this is digital learning transformation, new way of co-developing or whatsoever else, continuously find ways to expand it.

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