Intrinsic motivation program

Intrinsic motivation development program

From pressure to enthusiastic creation of the present and the future

Especially designed for executive leaders, managers, project managers

Testimonial : Olivier, working in Germany

Back to 2016 : I was about to celebrate my 10 years anniversary in the same company, far away from home. I really needed to review my career path. Alone would not work for me, therefore I needed a coach.

I got to know Céline Duriez somewhat by chance at a meeting in Paris. I met not only an energetic, organized and positive minded person but above all an experienced professional that had the competences that I was looking for my coaching.

A few sessions via Skype enabled me to identify my values, vision and strengths. At the end I was able to create an overview that keeps guiding me for making choices in my today´s career life. I was positively surprised by the results achieved and I am very thankful to Céline Durnez.

“This program changed my perspective of my daily job, I feel much more aligned and comfortable in my decisions. After this program, I have immediately thought about inviting certain team members, mes colleagues and my friends to catch the opportunity to follow it”


IT Director, Morocco

“I found The intrinsic leadership program very powerful, because compile a big amount information with a method and strategy ready to apply since beginning of the program. Thanks Céline “

Oswaldo QUIROS

Project Manager, Venezuela

After 1 year, the access to training program page is free.
You have also the possibility to ask for coaching sessions but only if you want.

For coaching sessions, based on experience, I propose 5 sessions of 90 min per skype.  Fore more information, just contact me at or the contact form below.

People I helped so far are people :

  • struggling with international situations, or with worklife balance
  • looking for more meaning in their job in alignement to their personal values
  • wanting to give a new orientation to their career.

Discover the first online program to develop your motivation leadership :

18 years of experience and proven references (books, conferences, trainings ...) summed up in 6 pragmatic sessions of less than 30 min.

What added value for you ?

- To use again and again your success routines

- Feel more pleasure in the day to day job, and an alignement between your professional and personal lives

- Inspire others in the daily life and make other people desire to follow you

Program overview :

You get access to your training page including 6 sessions composed of a video, exercices, pdf resources and links to other supportive information

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