Training mentoring for companies and/or business schools

For aspirant or project manager or manager in companies and business schools

Training mentoring for companies and/or business schools

From training to mentoring on real projects

Courses are already proven in specialized masters and/or companies with project managers

They are designed either for:

  • Aspirant and new project managers
  • Experienced project managers
  • For all project managers or program managers: mentoring

For aspirant or new project managers

Content : Project management principles according to PMI in one day.

Content : hard and soft skills for project management on a concrete project

Method : 40% theory, 60% practice in a team on a concrete project brought by a participant and selected among the team. The course lasts 4 days spread over 3 months given the chance to prepare real status and lead unplanned events. The last day, the team presents the project to train for oral presentations.

For experienced project managers

Content : program management principles

Content : Soft skills to manage a virtual team, best practice and exercice on concrete cases of everyone.

Content : Soft skills to take over a management position of a team of project managers using as well project management expertise.

For all project or program managers

10 individual 1.5 hours sessions over 6 months

Coach your project management in project management processes, methods, and best practices as well on interpersonal and team perspective to accelerate the effectiveness of projects. This includes:

  • Review the status of projects and make recommendations for improved execution through the coaching and mentoring of project managers.
  • Identify risks early that could potentially negative impact on the project, and develop mitigation plans.
  • Foster collaborative working relationships
  • Reinforce recent training in project management bringing theory on concrete case

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