General Legal terms and conditions

1. Legal terms

Société par actions simplifiée Unipersonnelle (SASU) au capital de 1000 euros
Head office : 92 rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris
Director : Celine Durnez
Registration number (SIRET): 814 870 580 00010

Website hosted by : SAS OVH, 2 rue Kellermann BP 80157, 59100 Roubaix, France

2. Data protection

Your personal data collected on the website (or if you buy product/services) are not shared with any other third party. A declaration to the CNIL was made on the 26/02/16 (#1934118 v 0). By law, you can ask for modification of your personal data (please use the contact form).

Per defaut, you contact details will be part of client file of AchievUp and you will receive information about new products or news. If you don’t want to receive any information, you can mention it (contact form) or unsubscribe.

3. Intellectual property

Videos and documents are property of AchievUp, and training materials should not be re-used for any commercial purpose nor to share with another person. Public videos and articles on the blog can be shared (welcome!) , with the conditions that author and link to the website are mentioned. In case of doubts, please contact AchievUp.


Comments from participants are welcome as soon as they are constructive. Administrators moderate comments and will suppress any comment that might not refer to the rules, especially if they are insulting or indirect advertisement.

5. Traffic analysis

The website uses cookies. The user has the possibility to delete them by adjusting his preference of the browser settings.