Integrate all together

Session 6: Integrate all together!

Let's review all and changes

Let's watch the video!

Need of assistance:

Video framework and resources:

1- The goal of the last video is to remind everything and experience again the questions process
2- Practical exercice
  • Values : What is really the most important for you; imagine you on the last day of your life; what are your 3 main values?
  • Vision : Which person are you in 10 years time? What decisions have you made recently in that perspective? what behavior do you already apply ? have you already noticed any change in opportunities coming up or relationship with others?
  • Actions : Have you increased your level of pleasure for that tasks you found boring before?
  • Strengths : What are your 3 main strengths, the ones that have always supported you in the past, how do you use them in all what you do ?
  • Emotions : What is the positive emotion leading to your happiness ? which triggers have you experienced to move quickly to a positive state when you feel you slip dow ?
3- Bridge to the futur
  • What benefits do you perceive for yourself regarding your determination and your enthusiasm.
  • Have you noticed any changes regarding your interactions with others?
  • What decision are you making for your future regarding your development having in mind your dream?

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Take the time for yourself to complete this model from all you have learnt or lived over this program.



Congratulations to you for your decision to pursue your development !

You have now all keys to turn any challenge to an opportunity for you to grow and move forward to your dreams ! This is also very efficient to deliver results on the way.

Let's stay in touch, Cheers, Céline