Develop your strengths

Session 4: Develop your strengths!

Focus on your strengths rather than on your weaknesses !

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Video framework and resources

1- Statistics about strengths, correlation between using strengths and performance
  • Are you part of the 12% of people who use their strengths the majority of their time?
  • With your team members, do you focus more on their strength or on their weaknesses?


2- Practical exercice
  • Intuitively, what are your 3 main strengths?
  • Remember 3 professional major successes : which main strengths did support you?
  • Ask 3 people in your professional environment about your main strengths.

(just click on the pdf to get the pdf file)

Zenger & Folkman – The 16 strengths “The inspiring and extraordinary leader”

3- Benefits of daily use:
  • In addition to linking your activities to your values and to your vision, take the new challenge to use more your strengths in everything you do, to create additional enthusiasm and performance!
  • Regarding people you are working with : focus in the same way more on their strengths and create additional opportunities for them to use them more !