Define your vision

Session 2 : Define your vision

What is your dream in 10 years time ?

The vision of your dream is what will bring you energy to move forward.

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Video framework and resources :

1- Why having a dream ?
  • A dream federates people. Most of great leaders have great dreams. (e.g : Martin Luther King).
  • “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”  Napoléon Hill
2- Visualisation exercice in 10 years time, then 6 years baccaras, then 3 more backwards, then 1 then back to the present time.
  • Thanks to your vision board you can reconnect to your dream and further build it every day.

Note : it is important to practice the exercice from the future till the present and not the contrary  in order not to restrict the dream.

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Example of a vision board

3- Concrete use in the day to day life
  • A new view on everything that happens in a day and a kind of game to detect demonstrations of the materialization of the vision.
  • Behave in the present time like the person you are in 10 years time –> many new opportunities appear.
  • The most important is not to achieve the dream, but to use the energy given by the dream to move forward in the direction you want.