Define your values

Session 1: Let's define what is important for you

Determine or confirm your 3 main values, develop your leadership by fulfilling them in the daily job

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1- Why knowing what is important for you is so important?
  • Let’s imagine you at the end of your life: what might you regret?

95% of people regret their life… and the main regret is the following one: “I wish I had lived the life I really wanted and not the life that others wanted for me “

(reference: Bronnie Ware, The 5 regrets of the dying,  you tube video Top 5 regrets right before dying…!)

  • Values transcend life areas.


2- Let's determine your values with the value determination process:
  • What does mean the way your use your space, time, thoughts, money, energy, discussions?
  • What are your 3 main values?
  • What is your own definition of each value? which reminds of emotions? what image?

Values détermination process (click on the images to get the pdf).

Example of values board : link to emotions, personal definition of each value.

3- Benefits of daily use:
  • Better internal alignement, more meaning in your activities leading to balance keys and even enrichment between profesional and personal areas.
  • Support to the “fair” and “right” decision with regards to your deep values.
  • The values determination process is applicable at individual and team levels; Values determination helps to better understand others in relationships.