Activate your positive emotions

Session 5: (Re)activate your positive emotions!

Find your own triggers to move quickly to positive emotions

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1- Positive emotions are beneficial for yourself and for others
  • There are 2 kinds of emotions: unpleasant ones (anger, fear, sadness…) and great ones (joy, enthusiasm, patience…).
  • Many studies confirm the benefits of positive emotions for happiness, health and its positive impacts on others.


2- Practical exercice:
  • What is the positive emotion you deeply aspire to?
  • Remember a professionnel moment when you lived this emotion very intensively and keep this image in your mind.
  • When you do not feel very feel, due to a frustrating situation for instance, what are your own triggers to reconnect quickly to your main positive emotion?

Example of positive emotions (just click on the image to get the pdf file)

Example on youtube of a funny baby laugh 

3- Concrete use in the daily life:
  • When you feel you slip to a negative state : just detect it and use your triggers; play trying to find new ones ! you can’t avoid negative emotions but you can manage the duration how long stay in it.
  • Don’t miss any opportunity to live positive emotions and organize your life as much as possible to avoid “aspiration” to negative states.
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